Two artists are showing their work together for the first time at CoExist Galleries. What connects Phyllida Barlow & Fiona MacDonald is a painterly approach to sculpture.

Phyllida Barlow has responded to the gallery space with several site-specific installations. Firstly, a blue wall splits one of the rooms in two. It prevents access to the other side but this act of restriction access is contradicted by the height of the barrier – it’s short enough to peek over and there are also few deliberate holes.

‘I wanted to use the lenght of the space and brake it up with an intervention – that’s how the wall emerged. Fiona’s work is more interior, mine is more of an outside object brought inside’, says Phyllida. She used the space ‘as a material’.

See the full post on IDEA13 here – http://idea13.org/2010/10/coexistoct/

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