Performance opportunity: We are looking for 5 people, ideally from Southend, to take part in a performance which takes place at the opening of Please Touch exhibition at CoExist Galleries, TAP on 3 June 2010. Any age from 6 years upwards.

The performers will work with dance artist Lizzy Le Quesne to rehearse and perform a live, structured movement improvisation amongst and involving the viewers at the exhibition, moving with them in the shared space of the gallery.

Extensive dance experience is not required as movement is extremely simple, but an understanding of performance presence, an interest in spatial and social relationship is essential.

Lizzy Le Quesne is a dance artist working in live performance, film and photography. Her work has been presented in galleries, theatres and non theatre spaces worldwide. She lectures on the BA Dance and Visual Art at Brighton University and also performs for other artists including Ricochet Dance Productions and Rosemary Lee.

There will be a 2 evening or weekend sessions leading to the performance on the evening of the 3rd June.

More information about Please Touch exhibition: http://www.michaelafreeman.com/pleasetouch

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