The Post – Industrial Landscape

Exhibition The Post - Industrial Landscape
Edward Burtynsky
Nickel Tailings #39
Sudbury, Ontario

Edward Burtynsky<br /> Oxford Tire Pile #1<br /> Westley, Kalifornia<br /> 1999<br />
Edward Burtynsky
Oxford Tire Pile #1
Westley, Kalifornia

1.10.2003 – 7.12.200319 – 21 Husova St., Prague 1 – Old Town

Tim Lewis (1961) creates sculptures and light kinetic objects with an emphasis on the metaphorical value of matter and its transcending philosophical implications.

Edward Burtynsky (1955) portrays in his monumentally conceived photographs a landscape scarred by the impact of modern industry.

The steel objects of John Gibbons (1949) are characterised by the metaphysical interplay of the architecture of forms and the space within them and around them.

Patrick Hughes (1939) paints panoramic scenes of contemporary civilisation with surprising optical effects achieved by the interaction of the pictures two dimensions and ‘real’ three-dimensional space. In his paintings, David Hepher (1935) comments on the banal environment of the urban landscape with its terraced streets, high-rise blocks and ubiquitous graffiti.

The painter John Keane (1954) focuses primarily on the darkly negative aspects of the present day – war, society marred by the death of traditional industry, the alienation of life in cities and the influence of the mass media on the awareness of post-colonial man.

organizer: The Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague
co-organisers: The British Council, Prague, Galerie Flowers East v Londýně
curators: Michaela Freeman (galerie Flowers East), Richard Drury (ČMVU)

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